Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is LOS?

LOS - or Level of Service - is a metric used by planners and transportation engineers to measure how efficient a road is at support CAR traffic. Unfortunately, many projects that improve non-motorized transit end up being determine to have negative impacts under environmental review because they degrade LOS. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE of course.

This issue gets tied into bike facilities, because from a certain perspective, adding a bike lane have the "negative" impact of creating restricting car traffic.

For a very good analysis of how this all works, how it affects bike facility projects, and the movement afoot to fix it, see the always greate SF Streets blog:

Part I: How Long Will the City Keep Us Stuck in Our Cars?
Part II: Paradise lost: turning autombility on its head
Part III: California's Revolutionary Plan to Overhaul Transportation Analysis

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